Boost your Sales with your WiFi




Next Generation WiFi Marketing and Analytics

Guest WiFi

Delight your clients with fast, secured WiFi ensuring a quick and simple login

WiFi Analytics

Understand your Clients behavior, demographics, visits and more through customized reports and analytics


Target your Clients across all channels to create high impact personalized marketing campaigns

Social Login
Login to WiFi using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or registration form.
Venue Advertisement and Social Reach
Display your Venue offers on your WiFi Login Page and gather Facebook Likes , shares to your Facebook page
Customers Demographics
Know your Customers Demographics like age, gender, number of visits, duration of sessions , peak hours, ... and a lot of reports through our unique web portal.
Direct Marketing
With our Portal you will be able to send SMS and Emails to your target customers segment. SMS and email marketing are one of the most cost effective ways to gain customer loyalty.
Customers Reviews
Hearing your customers voice is one of many features we provide. A rating system is incorporate in our tool that lets your customer rate their experience with your service.
Legal Compliance
As a WiFi provider you should be having a record of everyone who used your WiFi. We got your back, with our system we keep records of every login for 2 years in our safe datacenters.

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